Dollar Museum Annual Calendar Photographs


The Dollar Museum Calendar was first conceived for 2003, using some of the photographs from the Museum’s Millennium Photographic Collection ‘A Snapshot in Time‘. All photographs were taken by local photographers. Initially suggested by Val Toon, it was produced by the Friends of Dollar Museum in aid of Museum Funds. A second was produced in 2008, but it was not until 2010 that the Calendar became an annual project. The calendars have been designed and curated by Cecilia Condal and Richard Dunning.

Below are reproduced the Photographs from the Calendars produced by Dollar Museum each year. They also provide a historical record of some of the aspects of Dollar and surrounds over the years.  To see a larger image click on the photograph.

There are three carousels of images. The first carousel of photographs contains images from the 2003, 2008, and 2010 to 2013 calendars. The second set of photographs are from 2014 to 2019. The final carousel is from 2000 onwards to present day.