For Dollar children up to and including P7 (or J2).

School children in Dollar are invited to enter.


DOLLAR and its past

Please write on some aspect of Dollar – its people, streets or locations, buildings or objects, wildlife or history.


Entries should contain between 200 and 500 words, and can be illustrated in any way you choose, and may include up to 3 pictures (but no more) and in total must not exceed  5 pages.

If a child is keen and wishes to do so – more than one entry can be submitted. However, each entry  must be on a different subject and will be considered separately by the judges.


Closing Date: Entries must be received by FRIDAY 23rd April 2021. Entries can be digital or on paper. In digital format in Word.doc or pdf format or can be scanned from the original entry. Type ‘Children’s Competition’ in the subject and email to or entries can be on paper and  put through the Museum letterbox or sent through the post to: ‘Children’s Competition’, Dollar Museum, Castle Campbell Hall, 1 High Street, Dollar, Clackmannanshire, FK14 7AY.

A prize of £20 and a Dollar Museum Badge will be awarded to up to three winners.

Entries will be judged by a panel of judges and up to three winners will each receive £20 plus a Dollar Museum badge. Entries must be the work of the child (of primary school age), and winners agree to their entries being displayed on the Museum Website.

Entrants must include their Name, Age, and School Year Group which may be published if they win, and should also supply their home address and contact details.