Winning Entry by

Annie Thomson, P6, Strathdevon Primary School


To the north of the Devon river there lives a little town named Dollar. It is a nice town with many beautiful walks and sights but for me and maybe for you too the best part of Dollar is the history.

Dollar in Gaelic means dark and gloomy which is allegedly why Castle Campbell  used to be called Castle Glume and the word Dollar is a witches curse. Now many of you have probably gone on a lovely walk up Law Hill but what you didn’t know was that you were actually walking where witches have stepped. It is plausible that witches came to do dark magic and plot against the chiefs who were burning witches, though if the people they  burned and hung were actually witches is still debatable today. You may have wondered why there are so many trees on law Law Hill well the disturbing truth is that people hung ladies who were seemingly witches on the trees. People in Scotland burned witches from the late 16th century to the early 18th century.

During the 16th century Mary Queen of Scots stayed at Castle Campbell for three days to celebrate the marriage of Margret the sister to the fifth Earl of Argyll. There are lots of famous Scots who have visited in Dollar one of them being Robert Burns. He actually wrote a poem about Dollar called Banks of the Devon, it is a beautifully written poem, a sweet remedy and it really makes you feel very lucky and very proud to live in Dollar.

There are so many wonderful sites in Dollar one of them being the five-hundred year old Castle Campbell. It is an amazing walk up and the view is absolutely incredible and even though it is a ruin the inside of it will certainly not disappoint you. Unfortunately in the 17th century royalist rebels attacked the Castle and part of it burned down. Another great walk is the old railway track. It is no longer a railway track but a terrific walk you can cycle, walk, run, etc, all the way along to Tillicoultry. The railway station opened on May 3rd 1869 though since it was a steam train station it closed down on June 15th 1964.

As you can probably read Dollar has far more history and amazing sights you ever knew and there is lots more. I can only say that if you chose not to visit dollar you are missing out a lot. Visit the dollar museum page to discover lots more and if you are passing by do not miss a chance to come and see Dollar.

P.S. The sorting office sells fabulous sweets and in the summer the deli sells delicious scoops of ice cream so don’t miss out.